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Transsexual Freelancers in Kuala Lumpur

Not transsexual, normal woman

Not transsexual, normal woman

‘How long is your relationship?’

‘Almost two years.’

‘Your friends know about her?’

‘Yes, I took her to Dinty’s and Minnal several times when I went drinking with them. Later, one of my friends told my parents.’

‘How did that friend know Helen’s a transsexual?’

‘Yes, she’s pre-op so her voice’s slightly rough. Her height’s around five feet, six inches.’

‘Then what happened?’

‘"This won’t work out," Lingam, my best friend and drinking buddy, said to me later. "You’re not gay or a bisexual." He has seen the girls I dated over the years. "She isn’t a man," I said to him. Lingam rolled his eyes. "You don’t like tomboys, you like feminine girls." I told him Helen responds to me as a woman in every way. And she’s never asked me for money before.’

‘How did your parents react when you told them?’

‘I didn’t tell them. My appa (dad) confronted me instead. When I admitted it was true, he said, "She can’t give you babies, you know?" I retorted to my appa: "If womanhood is equated to bearing children, what about women who’re barren? What about men who need drugs to perform? Are they only half-men? Psychologically, Helen’s a woman, like Amma (Mama)". My appa hollered, "Don’t you dare compare her with Amma! She’s a normal woman." I just kept quiet.’

‘You’re facing several challenges in this relationship. Do you see any advantages in having a transgender girlfriend?’ We are now strolling into a cave whose walls are filled with verses of Tamil poems.

‘A transsexual is more faithful to her boyfriend compared to a real girl.’ He pauses and laughs. ‘She doesn’t menstruate so we can have sex every day – anyway, I was just joking. Honestly, she makes great efforts to look sexy since she competes with real girls. She’s also more accommodating.’

‘What’s your long-term plan?’

‘Once I’ve saved enough, I’ll sponsor her sex-change operation. I also want her to stop her escorting work. Perhaps, I’ll set up a salon for her. Actually, I told her to quit earlier. But she says she needs the extra money.’


Freelance Floozies in Kuala Lumpur

Freelance Floozies in Kuala Lumpur

Sitting in the shaded, cool quiet of a pavilion in Thean Hou Temple, Jimmy Tong, aged thirty-six, remembers his first visit to Xiaoling’s apartment. This memory is two years old but nothing ever fades from it.

A meeting with a client in Cheras is rescheduled, and he recalls a friend gave him the contact number of a freelance China doll. He pulls over to the emergency lane of the expressway and calls from his cell phone.

‘Hello, Xiaoling, my friend Frankie gave me your number. Can I come in an hour’s time?’

Voice: ‘For what? Who’s Frankie? Your friend’s playing the fool with you.’

The line is cut, but he calls again. ‘Hello, Xiaoling?’


‘Your client Frankie Chan gave your number. He’s early thirties, wears spectacles.’


‘Peking Duck,’ Jimmy says.

She gives him the address, and he tells her the colour of his clothes.

Later, while waiting in the foyer of her apartment block, he phones again. A dark-skinned security guard, aware of the goings-on, smirks when he registers in the visitors’ book and waits facing the lift doors.

It isn’t long before a lift opens and a porcelain-skinned girl in her early twenties sticks her head out, looks at Jimmy, smiles and beckons him in. She is wearing tight shorts, sandals, and a skin-clinging shirt barely concealing plump breasts. Jimmy steps in and exchanges pleasantries with Xiaoling until they reach her apartment. In her room is a double bed, a dressing mirror, a reflected double bed in the dressing mirror, a closet with mirror, a reflected bed there, a bathroom door, a TV, and two frilled, pink-shaded night-lamps, left and right.


Goodbye Kuala Lumpur

Goodbye Kuala Lumpur

She doles out high GFE to him: long foreplay, deep French kissing, romps in soapy water in the long bathtub, after-sex cuddling and the use of endearments such as ai ren (darling) and qing ren (dearest). Jimmy’s ego balloons. He has a new ravishing girlfriend and he feels like he’s twenty-five again. Soon, more visits to Xiaoling appear on his schedule. The pre- or after-sex dinners begin, followed by outings around the city, shopping sprees and movies. At the end of her visa, she bids goodbye to him in a text message and promises to return.

Two months later, Jimmy receives a call on his cell phone. ‘Ai ren (beloved), my visa has been renewed. I’ll be flying in day after tomorrow. Can you pick me from the airport?’ Desire surges in his innards when he hears her mellifluous voice.

In the airport, Jimmy surveys the crowd in the arrival hall to make sure there’s no one who knows him or his wife. Xiaoling appears wearing a knee-length skirt and jacket and pumps. Smiling, he takes her arm, falls in step with her, and quickly whisks her to the carpark, and soon they are cruising out of KLIA, heading to her new serviced apartment in Imbi Road. When they get there, they fornicate like long-lost lovers.

The first favour she requests from Jimmy is to redeem her jewellery from a pawn shop. Her bookings were few during her debut stint three months ago; therefore, she pawned her gold bracelet and pendant to service the monthly re-payment of a loan she took from a moneylender. The loan covered her airfare and deposit for condominium rental, and the moneylender hitherto harassed her parents because of late payments.


China bitch in Kuala Lumpur

China bitch in Kuala Lumpur

Several days later, Xiaoling requests Jimmy to help her family members who need money urgently. Her father’s ailing trading business requires working capital, and her mother needs a heart bypass operation. He remits 100,000 yuan to her bank account in China. She is grateful, and they meet more often, and she ups the bar of her service. Whenever Jimmy is doing some business uptown, and figures he can sneak in an appointment with no one at work being the wiser, he drops by for a stress-relieving session. A fortnight passes. Xiaoling’s uncle’s house in another province is damaged in an earthquake and needs repairs. Jimmy plays the role of gallant knight again. He starts to come home late frequently, and gives the excuse of entertaining clients to his wife, Lily.

‘Who’s that China bitch you’ve been seeing?’ Lily asks one evening, jabbing Jimmy in the ribs with her fingers. On the outer glass surface of a casement window, two house geckos entangle in battle over a moth that is caught in the jaws of one of the reptiles.

Lily sits on the bed, holding his credit card statements and phone bills in one hand. Jimmy’s mobile is in her pajama pocket. His laptop is on the side table on the other side of the bed.

Jimmy opens his eyes and pushes his bolster aside. ‘What? You still awake? What did you ask? ‘ He sits up and rubs his eyes.

‘Who’s that China bitch you’ve been seeing?’

‘What do you mean?’ He squints under the bright lights.

‘You bought jewellery for someone recently, didn’t you?’

‘It was my co-worker’s birthday. Everyone chipped in, gave me the collection to buy something. I didn’t want to carry so much cash so I used my card.’

Eyes ablaze, she waves a sheaf of papers – his mobile phone bills – in his face. ‘And you called China several times. Why?’

Cold spiders of panic crawl down Jimmy’s back, and he takes in a few deep breaths to try to keep calm, look calm, act calm.

‘Why did you rummage through my stuff?’ He tries to reach for the phone bills but she scatters them on the laminate flooring. ‘My colleague borrowed my mobile to make those calls. His handphone was under repair.’


Transsexual Freelancers look sexy like real girls in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
Transsexual Freelancers look sexy like real girls in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
Transsexual Freelancers look sexy like real girls in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
Transsexual Freelancers look sexy like real girls in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia


A transsexual is more faithful to her boyfriend compared to a real girl. She doesn’t menstruate so we can have sex every day – anyway, I was just joking. Honestly, she makes great efforts to look sexy since she competes with real girls. She’s also more accommodating.


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